Tired of being tired?

As people who have lived a good twenty or so years on this earth, it’s a shock that we’ve only just realized how poorly we’ve been living.

Many people in this generation probably think packed schedules and sleep deprivation are admirable qualities of life, but it’s most definitely not. The hope that we have for this blog is for everyone who stumbles upon it to glean little nuggets of knowledge about this thing called “SLEEP.”

We hope that you really linger on these fun facts, and that they move you to prioritize sleeping over that next episode you really want to watch, or the late-night ice cream you really want to indulge on, and yes, of course, even over studying!

What we have learned this past semester has been powerful enough to move us to cherish long nights of uninterrupted sleep. Will it move you?  

With love and sleep,



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