Sleep for Thought

As Psychologists, we often think about the stereotypes and stigma associated with social issues, etc. When it comes to sleep, we don’t often think (or perhaps realize) the stereotypes associated with sleep.

Ever slept in then get ridiculed for sleeping in? Well, as it turns out being lazy is often associated with sleeping in. When one sleeps in very late, they are often perceived as being more lazy than someone who woke up early. Sounds about right, huh?

Well this shouldn’t be the case!

Regardless of anything, sleep is essential to humans. We should celebrate sleeping, in any way possible. While sleeping in isn’t the best thing to incorporate into your routine, it is important to disassociate laziness with sleeping in.

Sleep needs to be promoted instead of demoted.

– Alexandria B.


One thought on “Sleep for Thought

  1. Interesting take on stigma and sleep. I suppose the sleeping in becomes an issue when it prevents one’s productivity but otherwise I agree laziness shouldn’t necessarily be associated with sleeping in.


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