Getting Ready for Bed

A great way to start having a better night of sleep is to establish a bedtime routine, especially those who have sleep problems. I know that many of us are extremely busy people who all we want to do is to be comfy in our beds. However, we can’t fall asleep as soon as our head hits the pillow (unless you are sleep deprived, but that is a whole other story). A bedtime routine will allow us to calm down and relax for sleep. Here are some suggestions to include in your routine:

  1. Stay away from electronics for an hour before going bed.

            I totally understand when the Netflix episode ends in an annoying cliffhanger and you just need to find out what happens next. Despite your need for answers, being away from the blue screen will wind down your brain.

  1.  Have your things ready for the next day.   

           Make sure your backpack/everyday bag is ready to go, set out your clothes, and prepare your lunch. This will help you not worry about rushing in the morning and focus on your sleep.

  1. Create a soothing ritual to relax.

          This is will quiet your mind away from the previously stimulating activities. It can be anything such as yoga, reading (my personal favorite), journaling, and meditating. If you are interested in meditations, read our post, “Relax for Sleep”.

  1. Go to bed and wake up at the same time, everyday.

          Those lazy Sunday mornings are meant for sleeping in, but having a regular wake time and bedtime will help your body get used to this schedule. So, once time reaches your desired bedtime, your body will naturally be tired and ready for sleep.

These are only a few suggestions for your sleeping routine, there various other ideas you can try. Give it a try and enjoy a restful sleep.



One thought on “Getting Ready for Bed

  1. Nice tips! I’ve heard before that staying away from the blue screen is beneficial to one’s sleep hygiene. It’s a hard habit to kick though!


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