Alien Abductions…Debunked!

Have you ever had one of your friends tell you that during the night, aliens tried to abduct him or her into their spaceship? That friend was adamant that this happened to them–they could not shout for help or move because of the control of these aliens.  Well, there is actually a perfectly logical explanation that makes sense of all this talk about alien sightings. And the answer is this thing called sleep paralysis. 

Sleep paralysis is when you temporarily cannot move, shout, or even lift your eyelids upon entering wakefulness. This happens during the transitory phase out of REM, when the brain is partially asleep and partially awake. Feelings of fear and anxiousness are usually associated with sleep paralysis, as is the feeling that there is an intruder lurking in the room.

So the next time your friend tells you they were abducted by aliens during the night, show them this article!


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