Zzzlam Poetry!

This past week, we had the opportunity to attend our classmates’ poetry event, appropriately dubbed “Zzzlam Poetry!” These four individuals pictured above did a splendid job spreading awareness about sleep through the art of spoken word and through many endearingly lame sleep jokes. 🙂 Some of our favorite and most memorable moments are mentioned below:

  • If you want to get a sense of what each transition between poems was like, check out these sleep-related jokes here! Rose (pictured second from the left) did an amazing job emceeing the event, and her jokes about sleep were real knee-slappers!
  • When talking about the dreams college students most commonly have, one that was brought up was the nightmare of sleeping through a midterm! Almost half the room raised their hands for this one–including me!
  • Here is a helpful tool we learned about.
    • Flux changes the lights on your computer to make it so that your eyes are absorbing a yellow light instead of blue. Blue lights notably make you more prone to staying awake because our brain thinks it is sunlight. This software changes that and tricks your brain into thinking it is night-time.
      • Remember: Less light at night!
  • Lastly, a big shout-out to everyone who participated and shared their poems with us! Some shared personal anecdotes of the experiences they had with naps or dreams. Others got real with us and shared personal struggles they faced with sleep and insomnia. The night was wrapped up perfectly with a simple haiku on sleep deprivation. What an honor it was to see these individuals bravely share their thoughts about sleep!


  • For some sleep poems in case you want to imagine what it was like attending this awesome poetry slam, check some out here!



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